Part no.:  410207 (3,3V)
  Part no.:  410206 (5V)

  • TA for mixed mode (data / telephony)
  • 64.5 mm (L) x 26.5 mm (W) x 14.9 mm (H)
  • D channel protocols: DSS1, NI1, 5ESS, DMS100, X.31, leased line
  • PCM bus for an external codec for telephony applications
  • B channel protocols: X.75, HDLC UI, HDLC transparent, PPP, V.110, V.120,T.70NL, X.25 / ISO8208
  • transmission and reception of SMS messages (fixed net SMS)
  • power supply: 3.3 V / 40 mA (LV type) or 5 V / 75 mA
  • pinout meets the Conexant standard for PSTN modem modules
  • the ISDN interface is available on request in other configurations

  Evaluation Kits:

Evaluation Kit TA C4 PCM

  Part no.:  450765 (3,3V)
  Part no.:  450773 (5V)

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